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Media Services Sussex Ltd have over 40 years practical experience in the IT, communications and electronics industry. Our systems engineers have considerable knowledge of systems management and configuration of networks, we also appreciate that every network may have a different systems requirement.


Our research and development team have registered many computing related patents and have developed several unique networking solutions. Our most recent venture "MetroCell" could remove most if not all the issues relating to broadband connectivity. Please follow the links for further details of our company, products and services

Metro Services


MetroWeb - is our global communications facility and Internet Service (ISP) owned and managed by Media Services Sussex Ltd. It is the operations centre employed to enable our clients to gain high speed broadband access to the wide area network


This facility is also an important tool providing our engineers and system designers with the capability to route global and national data between locations and to host the web and mail services of our clients


MetroHost - provides you with all the tools and server side resources to manage your own email and web space for FREE - all you pay for is the time on line at normal 0845 local rates:


Simply go to


Fill in your details and you are ready to become part of the Internet community. For further set up details check our free dial service


MetroCell - This is something very special and is now ready to be rolled out in the United Kingdom.


In very basic terms we will be able to by-pass the local loop telephone network and to supply bi-directional Internet communications to end users at speeds far greater than the fastest ADSL.


Early research has given us enough confidence to invest in several test cells to prove the principle. This will enable hundreds of users within each radio network (cell) to access the Internet with predetermined bandwidth up to a massive 144Mbit - both ways. MetroCell will make a real difference to the way we work and play.


Metro Sat - Our high-speed broadband satellite solution is now up and running and is available anywhere in the UK


Some businesses have not been able to take advantage of broadband access because they have been out of range of the telephone exchange, this is no longer a barrier, MetroSat provides high speed access to the Internet regardless of geographic location

Based on a fixed monthly fee - MetroSat means you get


• High speed internet access without needing extra phone lines

• Always on connection no need to dial up

• Download speeds up to 10Mbps*

• Upload speeds up to 2Mbps*


* Speeds may be reduced by weather conditions and contention

Basic services as above start at £60 per month


Konnector is a small application (27k) that enables dial up users  to be visible to other users on the Internet.


From almost any location in the world you can now be connected to your office network. Dial up accounts include ADSL, ISDN and normal modem connections are by default issued with a new Internet Protocol (IP) number every time they dial up.


Konnector software enables any dial up account to have a consistent address (IP) and this in turn creates a true Wide Area Network (WAN) - connect to your home or office system with Konnector software - we do not charge you for the software and it is a free to download from our web servers.

Internet Services

First Internet UK Ltd

First Internet UK Ltd is our wholly owned communications facility which provides our engineers with the best of the current networking disciplines including web and mail hosting, wide area radio networking, virtual private networks, satellite communications and our own Konnector IP redirection services


From our secure communications centres we are able to distribute millions of calls a day and for a fixed annual fee host your server on our Internet backbone facility to enable you to manage your own 24/7/365 point of presence (POP)


Stay in touch when using your laptop or PDA - use our Konnector software - it is a FREE service

Free Internet Account

Free Internet Access (0845 local call rates apply) - The following 0845 numbers connect you directly to the Internet and are ideal if you only need a basic dial up connection. Any username and password will work


0845 662 1017 - 0845 662 1117 - 0845 662 1217 - 0845 662 1317 - 0845 662 1417 - 0845 662 1517


Your phone line must have CLI enabled, if you have your number "blocked" use 1470 in front of the above numbers to make your CLI active for these calls only.

Free Email Setup

Free Internet Services (0845 call rates apply) - For FREE email and web services you need create a basic account within the self explanatory form at


You may select your own unique password and your own email name. We suggest you print the "sign up" page or at least take note of the web address at the bottom of the screen to enable you to access your management area at a later date


Please spend a bit of time getting to know the management area and you will begin to see the many and varied FREE services available to you. This includes "web mail" a very useful feature as it permits you to manage and read your mail from ANY internet enabled system, including those in most public libraries


When you set up your mail accounts on whatever mail client (Outlook, Outlook Express) you decide to use you will need to know the following information.

The two main mail servers are:

SMTP = -  POP3 =


You may use any of the following 0845 numbers to connect you directly to the mail servers


0845 662 1017 - 0845 662 1117 - 0845 662 1217 - 0845 662 1317 - 0845 662 1417 - 0845 662 1517


We even provide you with all the facilities to host your own free web site - the only cost to you will be the time on line at standard 0845 local telephone rates


Your phone line must have CLI enabled, if you have your number "blocked" use 1470 in front of the above numbers to make your CLI active for these calls only.


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